Stupa Hotel

Residence that free your mind and peace your soul.

Welcome to Stupa Hotel

Stupa Hotel is designed and decorated in Tibetan architectural style in the valley of heavenly Himalayan-Dhurladur ranges located at Palpung Sherabling monastery.

Stupa Guest House

A visit to Stupa Guest House will welcome you to the Tibetan Buddhism with the dozens of stupas and prayer flags around the Guest house locality.

We offer rooms of different varieties ranging from attached bath room with Kitchens to rooms with common bath room.

Room Offers

Common Bathroom
650rs per Night
Attach Bathroom
950rs per Night
Room with Kitchen
1500rs per Night

Stupa Restaurant

Our restaurant takes pride in making fresh dishes of different cuisine.
There are indian traditional food menu and tibetan cuisine which you will love it.

Near by Scenery

To book a room, call or whatsapp message us on (+91) 9857354043 .

Stupa Hotel

Open Hours

All days of the week:
8:00 am – 9:00 pm


91+ 9857354043